Media's Influence on the Body

How technology has altered the perception of beauty in our society.

Videos October 6, 2010

The clip below is from the Dove Campaign that promotes Real Beauty and the idea that “real women have curves”.  This video shows how technology has distorted our perception of beauty that is found in our society.

The clip below is from the Dove Campaign that promotes Self Esteem, especially towards young adolescent girls.  The video clip below shows how media is saturated in our daily activities and that parents need to be aware of what their children are being exposed to by the media and what influence it is having in their lives.  If parent won’t teach their children, the media will.

The clip below is from the Dove Campaign that promotes Real Beauty and Building Self Esteem among adolescent girls.  Girls in this clip are interviewed and share stories and experiences of how they define beauty and what beauty they see in themselves.

Sarah Maria, a well known body image expert, is interviewed on a morning show in San Diego where she discusses the problem people, especially women, face with body image, and ways on how to overcome body image problem.

Cyber bullying has become a problem and issue among teenagers and now adolescents.  With new technology emerging, adolescents and teenagers are able to get hold of these new digital device and for some use it to harm and harass other individuals.  Below is a story of a boy who discusses how he was being bullied and how he handled it at the end.  This clip shows the dangers involved in Cyber-bullying and ways to handle the issue. (I would like to apologize for the profanity that is shown on the text message, but I feel that this clip speaks strongly of how Cyber  Bullying can ruin a person’s life.)


One Response to “Videos”

  1. ashleygarner Says:

    I love these! Thanks for including them! I think the dove campaign is fabulous! I think every girl needs to watch them!

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