Media's Influence on the Body

How technology has altered the perception of beauty in our society.

About October 6, 2010

Media has grown and diverted into many different forms throughout the years.  Here is a timeline of the various forms of media that has come about throughout the years and is a still popular form of media for people:

Newspapers & Magazines ~ 1880

Movies ~ 1910

Television ~ 1945

Cable Television ~ 1980’s

(information can be found on this website:


Along with computers and cell phones which have come about in the last few decades, which has grown and become a widely used source for individuals.  With modern technology continuing to grow and becoming more complex and advanced, it has allowed for these media sources to range into more complex and accessible technological devices to assist individuals in their daily living and provide entertainment and information.  Media has become a widely used source, especially during this day in age.  While media has provided many pro’s, there are still many con’s that come from the use of social media, which is why I am here to blog about.  One of the many pressing concerns that come from Media is it’s influence on the way it uses to distort our perception regarding individuals, our looks and especially on our health.



Here is an outline of how Television Sets and Program changed throughout the decades:

The following information was found in a website under the article “Television Through The Decades”.  Here is the link for the information:

Here is a history of how television has evolved throughout the years:


–       The first real commercial aired in 1939

–       Sets were large pieces of equipment with 12’’ screens

–       Cost was about $400-$500 (avg. income was $1300 a year)

–       Programming was sparse



–       Television went unnoticed because of the onset of WWII.   Production of television was stopped so that the U.S. could put efforts toward developing radar technology

–       Post war economy there was a boom in T.V. production



–       Golden Age of Television

–       By the end of 1951 more than 8 million TV were in the U.S.

–       Color T.V. and remote controls were slowly being introduced

–       T.V. dinners were introduced

–       21 inch black T.V. sets were becoming popular



–       Americans begin to get more news from the T.V. than from newspaper

–       U.S. became obsessed with space travel

–       About 78 million T.V. set found in homes across the U.S. and 200 million around the world



–       Sesame Street makes it debut

–       The first direct broadcast satellite television

–       1978 was the last year Black and while consoles were manufactured



–       Growing number of television accessories like VCR and Nintendo found in homes

–       Sitcoms are popular (Roseanne, The Cosby Show)

–       Cable television had a significant boom this year (it has been around for awhile)

–       VCR is a staple in the home



–       This may be the era where the age of technology change because internet was coming into action

–       Television programs became more risque with shows like Friends, Simpson, and Seinfield

–       Cable Television program was a large boom by the end of the year

–       Different TV technologies such as Plasma and LCD were in the experimental stage

–       Additional features found on television were picture, color, sleep timer



–       DVD player takes over

–       LCD and Plasma screen are introduced and replace the old

–       TiVo is introduced (people can record several programs at a time)- huge plus for consumers

–       Reality TV Shows are a big hit

–       HD DVD and Blue-ray battle for high definition supremacy


As we see through the time-line, technology has certainly advanced and has provided this resource of entertainment for people to take part in.  Television is a large part of our society and is a way people can be informed of what is going on throughout the world. While it is a great way to receive information and enjoy various programs, we still need to mindful of what is being shown and how it can influence our minds and behaviors (bringing up the topic of my blog: Media’s influence on the Body).



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  1. karemyr10 Says:

    Although I agree with you that the media has changed our perception of beauty. It is also important to stay away from those forms of media which affect us most. I have a friend who struggles with body image, so she tries not to look at the magazine in the checkout line or go on websites that will make her feel bad. This has been a really help to me, in that I have choose to do the same it helps one to feel better and also not to waste time looking and thinking of how I don’t look a certain way. 🙂 Thanks for the blog.

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